Corum Bubble Paiste & Bubble Op Art Watches

Corum watches once maintained an excellent reputation for their outstanding design. After a long pause, the manufacturer has finally released a new watch, which is named as Corum Bubble Paiste & Bubble Op Art Watch. This watch features the same unique design, which was there in the heritage watches. The manufacturer has taken a bold and a cohesive approach with the design and all the classical features of it have been retained as well.
The Corum Bubble Paiste & Bubble Op Art Watch has a width of 44mm. Even though large diameter watches are common in today’s world, it was able to make a revolution back in the day. The design of the watch is pretty unusual as well and it is pretty much similar to the vintage designs. In other words, you can find a dome like structure in this watch, which delivers a unique feel. If you are looking forward to spend your money in order to purchase an unusual looking watch, this is the best option available out there in the market to spend your money.

In order to complement the unusual design, the manufacturer has taken required steps in order to introduce an optical art dial. It can be considered as a cleaver pattern, which delivers a unique sense of movement. Appropriate depth and shadow has also been provided to the dial through this design. Even though the dials of the watch are flat, they have the ability to deliver a degree of prescience. The case of this watch has been provided with a PVD coating as well. This PVD coating is associated with an atom inspired design, which makes the flat dial appear domed. As a result, the manufacturer has been able to bring out the balance in between the dial and the case of this watch. The dome shaped sapphire can deliver a magnified effect on the dial as well.

Corum Bubble Paiste & Bubble Op Art Watch comes along with a rubber strap. You can find a vintage looking buckle in the strap as well. The strap has a width of 24mm in between the lugs and it is about 20mm near the buckle. Like the other Corum watches, the Corum Bubble Paiste & Bubble Op Art Watch is entirely handmade. As a result, the quality and precision of the watch is guaranteed. This can also be considered as a watch that acts as a perfect combination of skills and crafts.
corum bubble paiste bubble op art watches
The Corum Bubble Paiste & Bubble Op Art Watches feature Coo82 automatic movement. The machine operates at 28,800 vph. It comes along with a power reserve, which measures about 42 hours. The movement of the watch is reliable and you will not have to worry about anything. Therefore, you can make the decision to purchase the Corum Bubble Paiste & Bubble Op Art Watch without keeping any doubts in your mind and it will give you a unique experience.

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