Ebel was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the historic birthplace of the watch-making industry by Swiss industrialist and watchmaker Eugene Blum and his wife Alice Levy. The brand was named after the initials of: Eugene Blum et Levy. In 1971, their grandson Pierre-Alain Blum assumed leadership of the company and renewed its collections and kept the company growing. The company’s slogan is: Ebel, the Architects of Time.

In 1999, the Ebel luxury watch company was sold to the French luxury brands group LVMH; then in 2004, the company was resold to the American group Movado.

Ebel Classic Hexagon Dual Time

During the past few years, Ebel has given life to some revolutionary products. The brand was able to enhance its presence in all parts of the world as well. Out of the Ebel watches, the Classic Hexagon Dual Time Watch has received much attention. It is one of the best …

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