Zenith Heritage Pilot Ton-Up Watch Hands-On

Zenith watches have always maintained excellent reputation for their unmatched quality and performance. People strongly believe that they cannot go wrong with spending money in order to purchase Zenith watches. Zenith can also be considered as a revolutionary company. For instance, it was the brand that introduced automatic chronograph movements to the watches back in 1969. Out of the available watches under Zenith brand, the Zenith Heritage Pilot Ton-Up Watch has received much attention.
This is a unique watch and that’s why Zenith has introduced a unique name such as Ton-Up to it. You can think of this watch as a stripped motorcycle. That’s because all the unnecessary weight of the watch has been dropped with the objective of gaining more speed. The Pilot watch has been inspired by one of their heritage watches.

The Zenith Heritage Pilot Ton-Up Watch has been provided with a large case. In other words, it has a diameter that measures about 45mm. As a result, you can find a readable face in this watch. Large Arabic numerals have been added to the face of the watch, which matches perfectly well with the luminous hands. The crown of this watch has received much attention. In fact, the crown is large and you can easily get hold of it while having your gloves on. All in all, this can be considered as a well-designed watch that is available for you to purchase from the market.

It is important to leave a note on the chronograph movement of this watch as well. You can find a small scale seconds dial, which is strategically been placed at 9 o’ clock. It is paired along with a chronograph minutes counter. You can find a three register dial layout in this watch, where three different sub dials are placed at 3 o’ clock, 6 o’ clock and 9o’ clock positions. The entire watch is based on the original El Primero movement.

The Zenith Heritage Pilot Ton-Up Watch consists of an aged stainless steel cage. This case delivers a vintage look and feel to the watch. The thickness of the case of this watch is about 14.25mm. Therefore, it is not the best option available for individuals who are looking forward to spend their money on a slim watch. The case back of this watch has been provided with a titanium construction. Titanium is a strong, but light weight material. This has helped the designers to reduce the overall weight of the watch and you will not have to face any discomfort while wearing it.
zenith heritage pilot ton up watch hands on
In order to enhance the vintage look, a vintage style strap has also been provided to this watch. The strap has several stitches, which match perfectly well with the colors of the dial. The green oily netback strap of Zenith, which comes along with a rubber lining, is used in here. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the best Zenith watches that you can purchase from the market.

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